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Bringing growth in Agriculture/ Adding green to your life/ A new Agri perspective / Right out of the Farm. Founded by Smt. Inderjeet Kaur Bhatia in 2019, Hallo9x is a marketplace where we provide agriculture services to the farmers as well as one can buy and sell superlative and exclusive quality farm produce, all with a simple click. We just wanted to help farmers by providing them machines and consultation for their farms. Our parent organization, Worldwide Peasant Care and Development Pvt. Ltd. is an Agriculture consultant company, imparting expertise to our diligent farmers regarding business solutions, marketing tactics, financial analysis, and concerns about Mother Earth. We are a vigorous team of myriad-issue solvers maneuvered by the motive “To provide a one-stop solution to all the hardships of farmers in the agriculture industry & bring peasant farmers up in the supply chain.”

Where did this idea come from?

Imagine the farming, Imagine the living. If you eat today, Thank a farmer. Think about it, regardless of how avant-garde we grow in every sector, one thing that we strive for at the end of the day is food. All the economic expansion in the country is apparent only if the farmer’s community is taken care of on a primary basis. There is no way we could withstand without farmers, and this is where I connected with my endurance and desire to be close to the land. I yearned to raise good food as close to nature’s intended way as possible and to work for the upliftment and refinement of our agriculturists. Despite the prominent image of farming as a serene and healthy way of life, agriculture has the highest rates of mortality in any industry. Farmer suicides all over the globe is a catastrophe that needs to be addressed to preserve our land and families that lose their only bread earner. It has been more than 30 years, we are losing our farmers due to their inability to repay, crop failure, Ineptitude to sell the crops grown, the disappointing culmination of prices, family problems, sense of loss and pessimism. The farmers of the agriculture sector suffer from innumerable debacles like the use of obsolete technology, impaired education, powerlessness to access the wider range of markets, infrequent profits, outrageous infrastructure, loss of crops due to pests, no knack of knowledge in the intricate matters, the toll of our farmer's lives due to mishaps or failure to earn minimal revenue are some pressing concerns that I reckoned while planning Hallo9x. The world’s most indigent youth live in rural communities whose weak economies offer them few possibilities to obtain decent employment —and their numbers are growing. Of the more than 300 million young people poised to enter the labour force over the next 30 years, 195 million live in rural areas. When I first estimated the statistics, I was ravaged by the over increasing speed. Youth, who are the future of the world, deserve viable economic opportunities and what is better than serving the land. At the same time, the recent youth bulge offers an unprecedented opportunity for practitioners and governments to harness the energy, motivation, and innovation of these young people to bolster economic development and social change, while addressing pressing food security needs. Scaling up youth entrepreneurship in agriculture is the only abrupt action that needs to be taken care of. Youth comprises more than 18% of the global population and thus their contribution to the agri-industry could be a game-changer. Their enthusiasm, practical receptiveness to new ideas and progressive technologies are the key facets that will amplify the development of the agriculture industry. Besides, they have the guts to seize perils and go against the tide which is badly yearned in the farm sector. Agriculture mandates both brawn and brain in addition to enthusiasm and enterprise which exclusively youth can provide. A remarkably interesting point that added spirit to Hallo9x was the abatement of the most leading hardship of all times I.e., Zero Hunger. World hunger is rising and is another global concern that requires attention. Globally, about 8.9% of the world's population — 690 million people — go to bed on an empty stomach each night. Since 2014, the number of people encompassed by starvation has been deliberately on the upswing. If it persists at this rate, it'll overrun 840 million by 2030. Eradicating hunger and malnutrition are one of the great challenges of our time and I am trying to obliterate this crisis through my Hallo9x vision. End hunger, achieve global security is not only a part of Sustainable Development Goal 2 but as a credible person mine too. You all must be marveling how I as a self will contribute my bit to achieve the goal? Changes don't happen overnight, there’s no button that's pushed to magically alter everything. Change happens little by little. Day by day. At Hallo9x, we will connect farmers with the global market and will unite hands with assorted ministries of food and agriculture to meet the local supply demand. The ultimate and the most vital change I want to bring through Hallo9x is the elimination of middlemen which will eventually connect farmers hastily to businesses consequently strengthening more profits to their bags and a sense of individuality. Commission agents, traders and wholesalers take a primary chunk of profit from farmers' produce. This leaves very little for the farmers. Scraping of middlemen will help farmers to sell their produce directly to the consumer which will in return eradicate the exploitation of farmers at the hands of mandi traders. With the notion to help farmers with post-harvest produce until it gets sold, Hallo9x comes into action wherein we will perform substantial services like buying and selling, physical functions such as storing, packaging, and transporting, financing, pricing and risk-taking, market information etc. All the above-mentioned farmers hardships made me think about Hallo9x and what all I can vouch for is the well-being of our farmers.

What is Hallo9x?

We at Hallo9x closely track the ingredients mandated for a good exposition from across the world and we have come across a whole lot of interesting new themes which are gaining popularity, one of them being a creating a marketplace for farm products. For the love of farmers and their products, we are a marketplace of natural agriculture commodities. We provide a digital supply chain of fruits and vegetables from our farm to you. At Hallo9x, farmers and producers will be allowed to sell their products to retailers, wholesalers, and individual customers and shoppers will get to buy hassle-free fruits and vegetables right at their doorstep. Our operations start from the preparation of soil (land clearing, land levelling, ploughing, rotavating) and range to exploration, cultivation, irrigation expertise harvesting and post harvesting management, processing, manufacturing, trading, storing, educating, wholesaling, retailing, innovating, generating a marketplace and fostering industrial hemp across the sphere. We follow a standardized cycle from soil preparation to harvesting and assist our farmers with services better like no one other.


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