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Monitored and Tested

Organic produce is liable to stringent monitoring and testing. If you want to know whether the product is organic or not We are happy to provide a copy of the certificate and stimulate you to visit our farms and learn more about it with first-hand experience.

Free from Chemicals and Bacteria

Organic foods are manufactured through farming techniques that only use natural substances.This means they are free from all artificial chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). If something is grown organically, it will have more antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins. Purchasing fruits and vegetables which have grown organically will be free from chemicals and bacteria. There is some evidence suggesting that organic foods have health benefits. For example, several lab studies found that their higher antioxidant content helped protect cells from damage. And animal studies show that organic diets may benefit growth, reproduction and the immune system. Therefore, organically grown products are healthier than the conventional produce.

Ghana, West Africa and India

Presently we are operating in Ghana, West Africa. We are working with an enthusiastic team of farmers creating a network and achieving our goals with their help. Besides that, we have our smidgens on Indian Soil as well.

Know Your Customer

Know-Your-Customer (KYC) is the process used to ascertain the identity of our platform users, examining their reliability and trustworthiness to perform digital crop transactions over the Agri Marketplace platform.

Research and Development

Our Research and Development steers in expanding agricultural products, reducing waste and burden on Mother Earth.


We help in the transition from conventional to digital marketing approaches and provides key marketing strategies.


Our parent organisation WWPCD Pvt. Ltd. delivers consultation regarding agriculture, finances, products, policies etc.

Harnessing New Technologies

We stifle modern technologies on our farms. Examples include the use of Drones and GPS.

Agri Education

We at Hallo9x spare no effort to teach our agriculturalists everything from intricate to modest matters.

Sustainable Agriculture

We thrive to make our farms more sustainable, consisting of products that are more resilient and adaptive.

If you eat today, Thank a farmer.

The farmers of the agriculture sector suffer from innumerable debacles like the use of obsolete technology, powerlessness to access the wider range of markets, outrageous infrastructure, loss of crops due to pests, failure to earn minimal revenue are some pressing concerns that drove me to establish Hallo9x. I connected with my endurance and desire to be close to the land.


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